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PYTHIA 8 Index

Initialization & Program Flow
Settings Scheme
Particle Data Scheme
Resources for New Users
  --   Sample Main Programs
  --   Examples by Keyword
Main-Program Settings
Master Switches
Random-Number Seed
Error Checks
Beam Parameters
PDF Selection
Heavy Ion Collisions
Standard-Model Parameters
Couplings and Scales
Hard Processes
  --   Hard QCD
  --   Electroweak
  --   Onia
  --   Top
  --   Fourth Generation
  --   Higgs
  --   SUSY
  --   New Gauge Bosons
  --   Left-Right Symmetry
  --   Leptoquark
  --   Compositeness
  --   Hidden Valleys
  --   Extra Dimensions
  --   Dark Matter
Phase Space Cuts
Second Hard Process
Total Cross Sections
Soft QCD Processes
Low-energy QCD Processes
Multiparton Interactions
Les Houches Accord (LHA)
Les Houches Event Files
Semi-Internal Processes
MadGraph5 Processes
HelacOnia Processes
Alpgen Event Interface
Shower Model Selection
The Simple Shower
  --   Timelike Showers
  --   Spacelike Showers
  --   Weak Showers
  --   Automated Variations and Enhanced Emissions
Antenna Showers (VINCIA)
  --   QCD Showers
  --   QED/EW Showers
  --   ME Corrections
The Dire Shower
  --   Enhancements
  --   Expert Settings
Implement New Showers
Matching and Merging
  --   POWHEG Matching
  --   aMC@NLO Matching
  --   MLM Jet Merging
  --   CKKW-L Merging
  --   Sector Merging (VINCIA)
  --   UMEPS Merging
  --   NLO Merging
Merging Variations
Implement New Schemes
Particle Data
Mass-dependent Hadron Widths
Resonance Decays
Hadron & Tau Decays
Semi-Internal Resonances
External Decays
Beam Remnants
Colour Reconnection
String Fragmentation
  --   Flavour Selection
  --   Rope Hadronization
Parton Vertex Information
Hadron Vertex Information
Hadronic Rescattering
Bose-Einstein Effects
Deuteron Production
Hadron-Level Standalone
Particle Properties
Event Record
Event Information
Event Statistics
Event Analysis
Cross Sections and Weights
Advanced Usage
Susy Les Houches Accord (SLHA)
HDF5 Les Houches Accord (LHAHDF5)
HepMC Interface
User Hooks
Beam Shape
Parton Distributions
Jet Finders
Random Numbers
RIVET usage
ROOT usage
Python Interface
Update History
Program Files
Program Classes
Program Methods