Top Processes

Different ways to produce top quarks, singly or in pairs.

flag  Top:all   (default = off)
Common switch for the group of top production.

flag  Top:gg2ttbar   (default = off)
Scatterings g g → t tbar. Code 601.

flag  Top:qqbar2ttbar   (default = off)
Scatterings q qbar → t tbar by gluon exchange. Code 602.

flag  Top:qq2tq(t:W)   (default = off)
Scatterings q q' → t q'' by t-channel exchange of a W^+- boson. Code 603.

flag  Top:ffbar2ttbar(s:gmZ)   (default = off)
Scatterings f fbar → t tbar by s-channel exchange of a gamma^*/Z^0 boson. Code 604.

flag  Top:ffbar2tqbar(s:W)   (default = off)
Scatterings f fbar' → t q'' by s-channel exchange of a W^+- boson. Code 605.

flag  Top:gmgm2ttbar   (default = off)
Scatterings gamma gamma → t tbar. Code 606.

flag  Top:ggm2ttbar   (default = off)
Scatterings g gamma → t tbar. Code 607 when g gamma → t tbar and 617 when gamma g → t tbar.

By default top always decays to a W and a down-type quark. It is possible to switch on the t → H+ b decay mode. Note that its partial width is calculated using the tan(beta) value stored in HiggsHchg:tanBeta, so that it can be used without having to read in a SUSY parameter file. For the H+ to decay also Higgs:useBSM = on is necessary.