Download the code

The latest version is PYTHIA 8.312 and can be downloaded here pythia8312.tgz. Follow the installation instructions on the front page.

Run in a Docker container

While we recommend downloading and compiling PYTHIA directly for the vast majority of use cases, using Docker for containerized runs can be useful in some circumstances. We keep a Docker repository, mainly for internal development purposes, but users are free to use the images for their own purposes. We stress, however, that we do not provide extensive support on the Docker images, they are made available as is.

The images can be found on our Dockerhub.

The Dockerhub holds three repositories:

Historic releases

The current PYTHIA release, and historic releases back to PYTHIA 8.040, can be tracked on the PYTHIA gitlab releases repository. You can clone a specific release with Git as follows, where XXX is the PYTHIA version number:

git clone --branch pythia8XXX --single-branch

It is also possible to download the code here, in a usual tarball.

PYTHIA 8.3 series:

PYTHIA 8.2 series:

PYTHIA 8.1 series:

PYTHIA 8.0 series: