Welcome to PYTHIA

PYTHIA is a program for the generation of high-energy physics collision events, i.e. for the description of collisions at high energies between electrons, protons, photons and heavy nuclei. It contains theory and models for a number of physics aspects, including hard and soft interactions, parton distributions, initial- and final-state parton showers, multiparton interactions, fragmentation and decay. It is largely based on original research, but also borrows many formulae and other knowledge from the literature. As such it is categorized as a general-purpose Monte Carlo event generator.

Download and install PYTHIA 8.312

The current version is PYTHIA 8.312.

To get going with the program, do the following (on a Linux or Mac OS system):

Documentation for PYTHIA 8.312

All necessary information how to run the program is available in subdirectories of the pythia8312 directory you unpacked above. You can find a complete overview of documentation for the latest, and previous, versions of PYTHIA on the documentation page.

Links to relevant documentation for the most recent version are collected here: