Program Classes

The complete PYTHIA 8 package contains a multitude of classes. There is no reason to describe all of them, with all of their methods, since most should not be touched by a normal user. Nevertheless some of the crucial ones are described in detail, as a help not only to advanced users but also to developers. We here provide a quick reference (still incomplete) which classes you can find described where on these pages. Normally you have to scroll down to find the details, since the top of the page contains information of more general interest.

Class Reference Comment
BeamShape Beam Shape vertex and beam momentum spread
CellJet Event Analysis jet cone clustering analysis, intended for hadron collider topologies
ClusterJet Event Analysis jet clustering analysis, intended for e^+e^- collider topologies
CoupSM Standard Model Parameters couplings and mixing matrices
CoupSUSY SUSY Les Houches Accord compute and store SUSY couplings, using input from SusyLesHouches
DecayChannel Particle Data Scheme the properties of a single decay channel of particle species
Event Event Record the complete event record
Hist Histograms a primitive built-in histogramming package
Info Event Information various one-of-a-kind information on the current event
LHAup Les Houches Accord base class for Les Houches external hard-event input
Particle Particle Properties the properties of a particle in the event record
ParticleData Particle Data Scheme the database of particle species properties
ParticleDataEntry Particle Data Scheme the properties of a particle species
PDF Parton Distributions base class for all PDFs
Pythia Program Flow the top-level class, that drives the generation process
ResonanceWidths Semi-Internal Resonances base class for all resonance-width treatment
Rndm RandomNumbers a primitive built-in histogramming package
RotBstMatrix Four-Vectors rotation and boosts of four-vectors
Settings Settings Scheme the database that regulates the behaviour of the program
SigmaProcess Semi-Internal Processes base class for all hard-process cross sections
SlowJet Event Analysis simple jet clustering using the kT, anti-kT or Cambridge/Aachen algorithms.
SpaceShower Implement New Showers spacelike, i..e. initial-state showers
Sphericity Event Analysis sphericity analysis of events
SusyLesHouches SUSY Les Houches Accord reading in of SLHA information
Thrust Event Analysis thrust analysis of events
TimeShower Implement New Showers timelike, i..e. final-state showers
UserHooks User Hooks get access to some steps of the generation process
Vec4 Four-Vectors four-vectors

You can also access an extensive list of the public methods in these classes, which compensates for the brevity of the current page.