Pythia is an object oriented programming language using the Pascal/Delphi syntax. It can be used for web scripting, desktop application programming and system scripting. Using existing Pascal/Delphi libraries you can easily create programs for all purposes using the same code base. Pythia is availabe for Microsoft Windows and Linux systems - where Pythia scripts are cross platform compatible.

Pythia IDE is an universal integrated developing environement specialized on developing application with language Pascal/Delphi. It is as close a possible compatible to the wellknown delphi ide from Borland. The goal for pythia is to have pascal/delphi developing system with same comfort for languages or plattforms borland doesn't support.

Pythia will be uses with one of the following developing modules.
Pythia for Application
PasScript is an interpreter of a vast subset of the Object Pascal language which supports all Object Pascal data types except interfaces. This subset was extended by the Poly data types that allows you to operate with dynamic data structures (lists, trees, and more) without using pointers and apply Pascal language in the Artificial Intelligence data domain with the same success.
Pythia for Palm
Pythia for Palm is a delphi-like palm (r) development environement, allowing you to develop real palm applications in pascal language syntax.
Pythia for Script Host
Script Host is a Scripting Plattform for Windows and Linux that allows you to run scripts written in pythia language on both systems without making any changes.
Pythia for Webserver (Apache HTTP Server, ...)
Pythia Object Script (POS) is a full object oriented script language for apache web server. It is as easy to handle as the wellknown script languages PHP or Perl (from CPAN), but it has a much more powerfull object model. Is similar to pascal/delphi programming language. So if you are familar with delphi or pascal you dont have to learn another language to programm web pages. © 2000-2002 SK-Software.