Pythia for Webserver1.3.2002 
Pythia Object Script (POS) for Webservers provides the opportunity to use your delphi applications in the web without any changes. Just put your sources on the webserver - that is it! Read more on how you can run you Pascal/delphi source on a webserver. [...]
Pythia Script Host14.11.2001 
Pythia Script Host gives you a scripting plattform for Windows and Linux . Have a look at our download area to get our free scripting host. [...]
Pythia with new website15.10.2001 
Pythia has moved to its new domain A lot of new projects relating to pythia are presented on the new website.
Pythia for Palm Evaluation Version13.9.2001 
Pythia for Palm is the first pascal based development environment, compatible with Borland Delphi IDE (TM), Visual Resource Constructor, Language Support, and more ... Try our evaluation version and get more information. [...]
Pythia supports HSPascal3.6.2001 
Pythia now supports the new delphi-like programmsystem HSPascal, which lets you create Palm applications in language delphi. [...]